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"(Un)Earthly Children" (PG)
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Title: (Un)Earthly Children
Author/Artist: mizz_destiny
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen
Prompt: written for team_sga. BYOP – Doctor Who fusion
A/N: Thanks to fadeintodawn for the beta. Any mistakes are all mine, not hers. And Tom Baker: this is your fault.
Note to Doctor Who fans: Understand that Rachel Weisz is playing Eleven (see girl_doctor. And Hugh Laurie is going to be Twelve. These are facts, fer-sure.
Note to Non-Doctor Who fans: The Doctor is an alien of debatable great age. His species goes through a ‘regeneration’ process when they die. They get a completely new body, but they keep memories and most personality traits. He gets twelve regenerations (or thirteen bodies total). He’s on his last body in this story.
Summary: This was NOT how he expected his last life to go. At all.

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Ars Amatoria's Ranger RomanceCollapse )

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Routine - Ranger Romance Billy/Kim - 2/60
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Triumph - Ranger Romance Billy/Kim - 1/60
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Ripple Effect: The Other Guys (1/1) - sg1_ripplefic claim (1/5)
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for sg1_ripplefic claim Charlie/Jack O'Neil

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Back to the Boa - drabble (1/1) Thoughtcrimes/Boa Vs. Python
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A/N: *snort* I acctually have excuses for this:
1. forcryinoutloud keeps feeding me the good crack.
2. I wanted to use "fond exasperation" in a fic
3. I'm sick, this helped me feel better
4. really I couldn't resist. read it and you'll see why.

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A Leap Through the Gate (Prolouge/?), SGA/QL
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TITTLE: A Leap Through the Gate - Prolouge
AUTHOR: Mizz Destiny
SERIES: Stargate Atlantis/a small amount of Quantum Leap
SUMMARY: the newest tech on the Daedalus may just what the Pegasus Galaxy needs to put right a few wrongs
GENRE: Adventure/Sci-fi

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Our Budgies (1/1), SGA
tolkien: gray wizard
Title: Our Budgies (1/1)
Author: mizz_destiny
Rating: PG
Summary: “He turned the head of Atlantis in to a parakeet?”
Warnings: extreme crack!fic. PWP? and all jo_zed_pee_em (and her mum's) fault. see her post

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Pink Lace, Black Leather (1/1), CSI:NY
tolkien: gray wizard
TITTLE: Pink Lace, Black Leather
SUMMARY: Flack and Aiden ride in an elevator….really just a short piece of romantic fluff. Have fun :) Flack’s POV
PARING: Flack/Aiden

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